Helping moms of tough kids leave the trenches of chaos for good.

What is the Parent Transformation Academy?

The Parent Transformation Academy is a membership site that specializes in supporting, educating, and strengthening parents of children who suffer from intense emotional and behavior issues associated with developmental trauma and/or other forms of mental illness.

Why should I join?

There’s a myth out there that says if we throw everything we’ve got at fixing our struggling kids, all the problems go away. That simply isn’t true. Lasting healing happens when we support and strengthen parents first and give them the right tools, information, support, and resources they need to do their job. That’s what the Parent Transformation Academy is all about!

When we support and strengthen parents first, we help the entire family heal. A positive change in parents naturally brings positive changes in children, including the challenging ones.


Learn your your pace...any time of day or night

Parenting tough kids doesn’t always lend itself to a predictable schedule. In fact, sometimes the only time we have to think is at midnight when we’re lounging in our jammies. We understand that! For this reason, the Academy doors are always open! Come find what you need…when you need it…regardless of what time it is where you live.

Reduce toxic stress, anger, burnout and overwhelm

Whether you’re new to parenting tough kids or you’ve been around the block a few times, there is something here for you. Brush up on your skills, gain needed clarity and perspective, find the missing pieces, and sharpen the tools you need to take care of yourself and your family, calm the storms, and leave the trenches of chaos for good.

Reclaim peace, joy, freedom, and hope in your life

Lasting change comes in doing, not just knowing. The Parent Transformation Academy offers both! The best investment you will ever make…and the best gift you will ever give yourself and your family is to take charge of your situation, put yourself in an environment of positive support and growth that looks at the entire picture, and gives you the tools you need to shine.

Parent Transformation Academy

Helping families heal by changing parents first!

  • Healing Journey Roadmap:  This step-by-step guide will lead you through each step of your transformation journey and help make sure you take the right steps and the right action in the right order.
  • In-depth courses and training sessions:  You’ll have instant access to detailed courses and training session designed to help you find the missing pieces and gain the tools and skills you need to calm the chaos storms and find lasting peace for your family. All are self-paced and presented in short, focused segments to allow for easier learning.
  • Targeted assignments and workbooks:  Knowledge is only information until we take action. These will help you apply what you learn to your own unique situation and start finding solutions that work.
  • Exclusive Downloads:  You will have access to a growing library of charts, checklists, cheat sheets, workbooks, and other resources to help support YOU, the parent, in your efforts to parent a very challenging child.
  • Peer Support Community:  Connection with other parents across the globe who get it, are dealing with the same issues you are, and are all seeking to move their lives and families toward healing. The best part…this is a self-contained forum that isn’t hosted on social media!
  • Interactive Parent Training Sessions:  These live sessions are held monthly. Topics are based on what is most relevant to our current members’ needs with replays available for those who can’t attend live.
  • Parent Mastermind Sessions:  These live Q&A sessions are also held monthly. These sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  • New Content Added Weekly:  The Academy isn’t a stagnant course or group program. It is a dynamic training ground for supporting and strengthening parents of tough kids throughout the journey. New content will be added weekly to keep things fresh and moving forward.
  • Multiple ways to learn and participate:  Learning isn’t a “one size fits all” experience. Multiple learning styles are embraced and the Academy doors never close! Learn how you want, when you want, and in a way that works for you!

Just $49/month!

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Cancel Anytime

Still not sure you’re in the right place?

What makes the Parent Transformation Academy unique?

It’s true! There are many different voices, opinions, and options out there when it comes to parenting tough kids. Some of them are spot on and work fabulously. Others, not so much. It can be mind boggling and frustrating to sift through all of them to find what really works for your child and your family! Here are a few things that make The Academy unique:
  • We focus on parents first. Unlike most programs out there that focus on our struggling kids and place even more demands on already exhausted parents, we focus on strengthening, supporting, and giving parents the tools they need first!
  • Roadmap to success.  It often isn’t about what we’re doing or not doing (or that our kids are doing or not doing) that keeps us stuck in negative loops. Frequently it is a matter of having the right information and taking the right steps and actions in the right order. The Roadmap helps you do just that.
  • Help when you need it. The Academy doors are always open. Join when you want, stay as long as it serves you, find help when you need it, leave when you’re ready, and come back if things don’t go as planned.
  • Real solutions that work for you. The Academy offers real tools and real support for parents on the front lines. This isn’t just another a parenting group or a smorgasbord of parenting strategies.  It’s all about helping you find the right tools that work for your family and your unique situation.
  • Positive Peer Support: Our support community is self-contained within The Academy as opposed to being hosted on social media. All participants are current members of the Academy who live this same life and are working toward similar goals.
  • We look at the whole picture: Trauma doesn’t just affect your child. It affects everyone it touches and completely changes the dynamics of your family. As we talk about healing, we look at the whole picture and whole family (starting with you, the mom.)
  • A living experience. The Parent Transformation Academy is an ever-evolving active membership site packed with in-depth, practical training and resources to help and support YOU, the parent, in your journey of raising a very challenging child.
  • Commitment:  The Academy isn’t an afterthought or a sideline gig. The Academy is my primary focus and I’m in this for the long haul. It’s what I do.
  • Run by a mom in the trenches who gets it, who lives it, and is also a professionally trained parent and family coach.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Diana. I’m a wife, a mom to 3 awesome (but also very challenging) kids, and I’m a certified professional parent and family coach.  I have a passion for helping hurting families (especially mothers of tough kids) find their way out of darkness and chaos and enjoy a greater sense of connection, peace, and harmony in their lives and in their homes.

Two of my children came to me through adoption and struggle with all sorts of issues including FASD. RAD, ADHD, mood disorder, learning disabilities, and more.  Sometimes they’re my greatest challenge and always my greatest gifts. Though we’re far from perfect and we still have our less than stellar days, I’ve found my way out of the toxic stress and despair that can so easily consume families like mine. I’d love to help you do the same!

The Parent Transformation Academy specializes in supporting, educating, and strengthening parents of children who suffer from intense emotional and behavior issues associated with Developmental Trauma (including RAD, FASD, PTSD, ADHD, Mood Disorders and other forms of mental illness). Together we work through the process of restoring hope, sanity, and peace to your life as you gain needed tools, skills, and information you need in order to leave the trenches of chaos for good!

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