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What is the Parent Transformation Academy?

The Parent Transformation Academy is a membership site that specializes in supporting, educating, and strengthening parents of children who suffer from intense emotional and behavior issues associated with developmental trauma and/or other forms of mental illness.

Why should I join?

There’s a myth out there that says if we throw everything we’ve got at fixing our struggling kids, all the problems go away. That simply isn’t true. Lasting healing happens when we support and strengthen parents first and give them the right tools, information, support, and resources they need to do their job. That’s that the Parent Transformation Academy is all about!

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When we support and strengthen parents first, we help the entire family heal. A positive change in parents naturally brings positive changes in children, including the challenging ones.

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Learning Lab

Free tips, tools, & trainings to lighten your parenting load!

  • Free Downloads
  • Free Developmental Trauma Mini-Course
  • Parent Training Videos
  • Inspirational Messages to print or share
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Once you’re in, you’re in! Join for free, stay as long as you’d like, and visit often!

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Parent Transformation Academy

Helping struggling families heal by changing parents first!

Academy Membership includes full access to the Learning Lab PLUS

  • Parent Empowerment Roadmap
  • Unlimited access to in-depth courses and training sessions
  • Targeted assignments and workbooks to help you apply what you learn
  • Downloadable charts, quizzes, cheat sheets, checklists, and more
  • Exclusive Peer Support Community
  • Live Interactive Parent Training Sessions
  • Live Parent Mastermind Sessions
  • New Content Added Weekly
  • Multiple ways to learn and participate

Low monthly fee • Cancel anytime • Hassle-free 14 day money back guarantee!

Meet Your Coach

I’m Diana. I’m a wife, a mom to 3 awesome (but also very challenging) kids, and I’m a certified professional parent and family coach.  I have a passion for helping hurting families (especially mothers of tough kids) find their way out of darkness and chaos and enjoy a greater sense of connection, peace, and harmony in their lives and in their homes.

Two of my children came to me through adoption and struggle with all sorts of issues including FASD. RAD, ADHD, mood disorder, learning disabilities, and more.  Sometimes they’re my greatest challenge and always my greatest gifts. Though we’re far from perfect and we still have our less than stellar days, I’ve found my way out of the toxic stress and despair that can so easily consume families like mine. I’d love to help you do the same!

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he Parent Transformation Academy specializes in supporting, educating, and strengthening parents of children who suffer from intense emotional and behavior issues associated with developmental trauma and other forms of mental illness. Many kids of the parents we serve struggle with things like RAD, FASD, PTSD, ADHD, Mood Disorders, Bipolar, etc. Together we work through the process of restoring hope, sanity, and peace to your life as you gain needed tools, skills, and information you need in order to leave the trenches of chaos for good!

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