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  1. RADkid has been verbally abusive off and on, but ever since we took her to a trauma therapist and she manipulated that therapist, she has been even more "in my face" and viper-tongued.

    The past 2 weeks have been the most trying and nasty - Valentine's Day almost saw Steve and I dissolve our relationship.

    Thankfully, we regrouped and we are now members of this group!

    Yesterday we were driving to the grocery store and she "asked" me to shut up because she had a headache and hates the sound of my voice.

    I was driving, so i could not address it - thankfully, Steve did, and he was great! Totally stepped up. He usually likes to be the "cool dad" so that she would go to him and he would have some leverage with her - but it had to stop. She keeps amping things up because she can no longer manipulate him - no more "divide and conquer" in our home.

    So, here we are.... she manipulates to engage me in arguments as often as possible.

    I have increased my therapy sessions to once per week to be able to handle this stress.

    Steve and I are looking for a couples therapist in our area - he needs some help, too!

    He and I are working toward him feeling there is a safe place to get his feelings out - we really can't talk in our home because it is too small and she hears everything. If we have to talk, we are relegated to either outside, or our powder room with the door closed, exhaust fan on, and whispering to each other.

    NOT the "ideal" arena, to say the least!

    So, I appreciate feedback. If you feel upset with something I have said - please speak to me about it. Please don't just harsh me with judgment - I won't do that to anyone, and I ask the same courtesy!


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