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Welcome Aboard!

VIP Coaching + Academy TY - Sept 2019 2

“Congratulations on taking this step to enroll in one of my VIP Parent Coaching programs!  I am honored you have selected me to be your coach and am excited to work with you. More importantly, I’m excited to see who you become through this process!

If you’ll dig in and work hard, I am confident you will experience significant positive changes in yourself and in your family. The journey isn’t always easy, but it is definitely worth it! Your next steps are outlined below and have also been emailed to you. Let’s get started!”

Step 1:  Complete the New Client Intake Paperwork

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. Click the green button below to access all the forms. Completion instructions are on the page. I need both your questionnaire and service agreement returned to me before our first session. In order to help encourage this, I will send your session login information to you after I receive them.

Step 2:  Schedule your first appointment

All appointment scheduling is done through my online calendar system. This includes cancellations, rescheduling, etc. Click that button below, find a time that works for you, and let’s get started on this incredible journey of transformation!  I’m a big fan of consistency. If you find a day and time that work for you, feel free to book several sessions to keep that time slot reserved for yourself. In fact, I encourage you to do just that.

Step 3:  Access the Parent Transformation Academy

Your login credentials are the username and password you just set up during your registration process.  Once you log in, you will find some information on how to make the most of the Academy. I encourage you to get started on the courses right away. We will talk about your progress and any questions you might have during our first session.

Step 4:  Check your email 

If you close this page before you’re finished, don’t worry. All the information and links on this page have also been sent to your email inbox.   If you don’t see it come through within the next few minutes, check your spam or promotions folders to make sure it didn’t end up there. 

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